Amrita Samskriti

Summer of Blogging – Fifth Round

Posted on: June 24, 2009

Hi bloggers!

For this round you have to publish three blog articles. Each post will have a choice of two topics. Chose anyone you like and do the same for all three articles. Each article will get you 50 points each if you submit it within time. That’s a maximum total of 150 points.

First Article

You must have all heard about Dr A P J Abdul Kalam’s Vision : 2020 for India. The planning commission after being inspired Dr Kalam’s vision came out with its own India Vision : 2020 document  in 2002. Suppose you are the Chairman/Chairwoman of the Planning commission, what would your recommendations be? What would be the salient points of your Vision 2020 for India 11 years down the line? How would you make India a superpower and solve all it’s major problems like poverty, hunger, terrorism etc ?


Write about your favorite story/article from Dr Kalam’s Billion beats and why you liked it. You can get the pdf copies of the various issues here .

You may also suggest a story to submit to billion beats.

To know more about billion beats visit

Second Article

File:TED wordmark.svg

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. This annual conference brings together the most brilliant and creative minds in the world together for several days in Monterey, California. Topics that are talked about range from science & technology to politics and philosophy. Write about your favorite TED video , why  you liked it what you learned from it. TED videos are available for free download and are released under the creative commons licence :).


Kiran Bedi is one of the most famous police officers and women in India. Her social activism has brought out enormous change in how we view the Police and the Government.You may write about her life, her work or how she has inspired you in some way.

Some resources on Kiran Bedi –

Third Article

Factory farming is one of the most inhuman aspects of our present day mass consumerist society. Animals are reared and killed as if they are assembly blocks for machines. Research into this rising trend and blog about it. You may include statistics, videos etc.


We live in a world that is slowly drifting towards a bleak future in which the ocean levels rise, the rivers dry up, people die of hunger by the millions and more. What can one individual possibly do to help in avoiding this future? Especially youth like you who are going to inherit this world and reap the seeds sown by the older generation’s mistakes.

Find info on the India Youth Climate Network .

Learn about it’s aims, join and participate in it.

Do you think this can make a difference ? You can also try out other organizations combating climate change. You may also consider calculating your carbon foot print and put it in your blog.


The link to your blog post should be emailed to

Format of the email :

Subject – Fifth Round

Content –

Name: Your name

Roll Number: Your roll number

URLs to the articles on your blog

Example –

Subject: Fifth Round

Name: Panini

Roll:    AM108CS108





1.  50 points each for mailing us the links on or before 27th June’09 .

2. 40 points each if you mail the links on or before 30th June’09.

3. 30 points each, anytime after 1st July’09.

Samskriti Team : Please cite your references. And let your words come from your heart.

Namah Sivayah and Happy Blogging!


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