Amrita Samskriti

Summer of Blogging – Second Round

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Hi Amritapuri bloggers!

It is nice to see that so many of you have joined us for a great summer of blogging 🙂

The topics for the first week are the following two videos :

Video 1: Lead India campaign

Read about the Lead India Campaign here :

There are several such videos and websites about the lead india campaign on the Internet.

You are required to
a) Embed your favourite Lead India Campaign video on your blog and along with that
b) Write an article and publish it on your blog. (You are free to choose the title but it MUST BE related to the  Lead India Campaign, may be your thoughts, comments or your opinion etc)

Video 2: Chicken a la Carte

Original Link :

Write your comments about this short film by Ferdinand Dimadura. It could be your opinion about it, your thoughts, what it invoked in you, if it inspired you to do something, if it changed your view etc. You could see if there are other videos that talk about the same theme and link it on your blog.


The links to your blog articles (two posts, one for each of the video) should be emailed to or (You may publish more articles on your blog but only TWO articles should be submitted for evaluation, one for each of the videos above ).

Format of the email :

Subject : Second Round

Content :
Name: Your name
Roll Number: Your roll number
URL1 to the article on your blog (about Lead India)
URL2 to the article on your blog (about Chicken-a-la-Carte)

Example :

Subject: Second Round
Name: Kamal Krishnan
Roll:    AM105CS078


1. 100 points for mailing us the links before 4th June 09.

2. 80 points if you mail before 7th June 09.

3. 60 points, anytime after June 7th.

Samskriti Team : These are points that you automatically get for submitting the blog posts. Your contest posts will be evaluated qualitatively later by the judges.

Namah Sivayah and Happy Blogging!


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